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Almond Honey

A warm nutty scent, mixed with a touch of sweet honey.

Just yummy.

Blueberry Muffin

The unmistakable aroma off freshly baked blueberry muffins.  The scent of sweet juicy blueberries mingles with a warm buttery cake scent, making this fragrance sweet, delightful, and oh so very yummy.

Cherry Almond

Sweet ripe cherries and roasted sugar covered almonds make this scent a treat for the senses.  Simply yummy.

Cherry Bomb

Classic black cherry enhanced with a hint of coconut, makes this scent sweet, exotic, and fresh.

Chocolate Raspberry

A decadent dark chocolate and fruity raspberry twist make this scent an absolute indulgence and delight.


A sweet creamy coconut with hints of warm vanilla and exotic musk.  A clean, light, sophisticated scent that you are sure to love.

Creamy Caramel

A decadent, rich, caramel, blended with sweet cream and a hint of vanilla, makes this scent luscious and oh so delicious.

Fields of Lavender

Envelope yourself in the soothing scent of our Fields of Lavender.  The floral beauty of lavender mixed with warm vanilla, makes this scent peaceful, serene, and soothing.


The alluring scent of jasmine flowers in full bloom.  This scent is both seductive and addictive.  So very sexy.

Lemon Drop

The rich, clean scent of Meyer lemon and bergamot, with a touch of Egyptian musk, makes this scent very fresh, clean, and sexy.

Lime in the Coconut

A tantalizing fusion of fresh lime and coconut.  A truly amazing scent experience for both men and women.

Mango Coconut

The Sweet scents of fresh mango and coconut, with hints of sugary musk will make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise.

Moonlight Musk

A sensual musk with just a touch of sandalwood and amber, makes this scent both alluring and sexy.

Oatmeal Cookie

Return to grandma's kitchen with our oatmeal cookie scent.  A blend of oats, milk, and honey, with a touch of vanilla, makes this scent wholesome and so very yummy.


The fragrance of sensual sandalwood with a hint of earthy patchouli, makes this scent truly seductive.  This scent is perfect for both men and women.

Sea Spray

Get the feeling of walking along a windswept shoreline. A fresh scent, reminiscent of clean ocean breezes, salty air, and driftwood.

Strawberry Patch

A whirlwind of succulent sun-ripened strawberries, that just awakens the senses with a sweet, fresh, and tart scent.

Vanilla Whisper

An intoxicating blend of Madagascar Vanilla, with notes of pear, jasmine, and sandalwood, makes this scent wonderfully addictive and exotic.

Victorian Rose

Our Rose scent is exactly what you would expect from a classic Rose, romantic and flirty. A true classic. 


A deep, rich, exotic fragrance that will indulge all your senses.  An earthy blend of citrus, florals, and clove, with a woody patchouli base.  Very exotic and sensual.

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