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"Call Of Ireland" Bracelet.

"Call Of Ireland" Bracelet.


"Call Of Ireland" Bracelet

Connect with your Irish ancestors and the magical energy of Ireland with this beautifully crafted bracelet.  The bracelet is crafted with authentic  Connemara Marble, and, Ancient Bog Oak from Ireland.  Bracelet is 7.25 inches unstretched.  Comes with a gift box for easy gift giving,

Items imported from Ireland.  

Handcfrafted with love, care, and a little magic in Maine, USA.

Connemara Marble

Known as “the Gemstone of Ireland” Connemara Marble comes in over 40 shades of green and has a high magnesium content which is thought to aid in the absorption of calcium and magnesium. This stone gives access to the spiritual history of Ireland and creates a sense of peace, tranquillity, restoration and healing.  Many believe this a lucky stone and that it brings the holder of the stone contact with the elementals. The gift of seeing and conversing with faerie folk and an understanding of the animal and plant kingdoms. Connemara Marble builds strength of character.

Bog Oak

Bog oak comes from the ancient forests that once covered Ireland.  Huge oaks have been buried in the peat bogs and preserved for thousands of years.  Bog oak's energy comes directly from the land.  It's energy is said to draw negative energy away from the wearer and offer protection on all levels.






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