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Midsommer Wax Melts. Three Ounce Wax Melt Bar..

Midsommer Wax Melts. Three Ounce Wax Melt Bar..


Midsummer Dream. Fairy Magic Scent. Fae Magic scent. Wild lilies, Sunflowers, and Soft notes of Chamomile mingle with tea leaves, coconut water and tonka beans. An alluring fragrance that is very sexy, clean and exotic.


The perfect alternative to scented candles.  As the cubes melt they fill your space with one of our fabulous scents.  Easy to use, no wick, no flame, no smoke, and no soot.

Made of high quality Soy Wax blend.  The Fae Bella Wax Bars are composed of 6 break apart cubes.  Comes in a Glassine Envelope. Total of 3 ounces.  USA.

For use in electric wax warmers.  Do NOT leave melter/warmer unattended while in use. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Hand Poured and made in Maine, USA.


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